Blender buttons can't be found

Hi, Im fairly new to Blender and I have downloaded the latest Blender 2.49. I am currently following the tutorials on the Blender site but I can’t seem to find the “subsurf” button in edit mode under the “Mesh”. I am wondering if there is a plug in I am supposed to have for it. Also, in the “vase modeling” tutorial, I have done the first few steps but when I am supposed to select “Region” under “Extrusion” it is not there. All I see is “Only Vertices” and “Only Edges”.

Hi, what is the link to the tutorial ?

It must be a very old one.

Subsurf is now a modifier under the modifier dropdown F9.

btw “Where is the subsurf button” is one of the most FAQ’s of all time … did you try using the forum search function ?


I tried the search function but it didn’t come up with anything. The link is
I also couldn’t find “regions” under “extrusions” when following the tutorial.

The “Region” option only shows up if you have at least one whole face selected.