Blender BVH Cache Manager (Add-on)

After a few days of rendering in Cycles (with high-poly scenes and Cache BVH enabled) I noticed an odd amount of space was getting consumed on my hard drive. :eek: After some examination I found the source of the problem was in my: c:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\2.xx\cache folder. With Cache BVH enabled in Cycles, Blender was storing a ton of mesh data there.:spin: Since I couldn’t find a way to change the folder I went and created my own addon to quickly deal with this problem. After a little elbow grease I created the “BVH Cache Manager” for blender to clear the folder which seems to be taking up so much space. You can find the link the my BVH Cache Manger here: :wink:

Does anyone have any suggestions for further improvement of this addon? I have only tested it on Windows machines in which it works well. Would any Mac or Linux users want to give it a shot?

Thanks, any feedback is appreciated!

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