blender cannot rotate beizer curves?

i can’t seem to rotate (as in making a mug, not the view) beizer curves …is this just a feature blender lacks, or am i retarded?

you can only on 1 axis in edit mode…

but out of edit mode you can rotate it as you want

In edit mode, try selecting all the verts with “A” and press “3D” in the edit buttons. Then press TAB twice to go out and back in edit mode, to see if it worked.

I gather that you’re trying to do a lathe, much like ‘Spin’ does with a mesh profile.

The bezier or nurbs curve dont do that.

What you need is Add > Surface > Curve then you’ll get a “Spin” button that will lathe-extrude your ‘surface’ curve around the. You refine the shape using ResolU and V.
You’ll get a behavior pretty much like Beziers if you set the curve to BezierU, Order U=4 and use 3n+1 control vertices.

Call back to let us know if it worked.


however this gives you reversed beveled and no face meshs.

thanks for the tips

didn’t try it yet …i’m still pretty basic with blender …it was more a question that my friend asked (being to lazy to join the forums)

but i’m sure it’ll prove really helpful sometime soon

You’ve probably figured out how to do this by now, but just in case, or someone else has the same question…

I assume you want to “spin” or “lathe” an oblect from a bezier curve, otherwise just ignore me. Here’s quick instructions:

  1. In front view lay out the profile of one side of your mug, wineglass, etc.
    I usually start at the bottom then do the outside first, then the interior
    (if any) last. The curve should start and begin at the vertical axis.

  2. Press <Tab> to exit editmode, and <Tab> again to re-enter editmode.
    Press <A> untill all curve points are yellow (active). Switch to top view
    (numpad 7) and make sure the 3d cursor (the lifesaver ring thingy) is
    positioned at the ends of the curve, as the spin will rotate around it.

  3. With all curvepoints selected, press <Alt> + <c> and convert to a mesh
    Now you can use the spin button in the edit menu to turn your object.

The real keys here are CONVERT to MESH, and make sure your 3d cursor is positioned correctly.

Good luck :smiley:

that sounds gerat!! :slight_smile: thanks

i didn’t use blender much lately …i’m studying as a maniac for my next exams (“Roman Law” and “Basic Sociology and Law Sociology”) …but i’m sure it’ll be helpful when i start blending again :smiley:

I goofed a little on the instructions, I did a spin last night and realized I had the sequence a little wrong.
After you design your curve, exit edit mode. NOW, with the curve selected (bright purple) hit the <ctrl> + <c> key to convert to mesh, Then re-enter edit mode to use spin.
I had you trying to convert to a mesh IN edit mode, which you can’t do.

I’m fairly new at this too, and sometimes its hard to remember which hot key, in which mode, in which window, etc, to do things. The incomplete docs don’t
always help, but having tried at least a dozen other free or cheap (under $100 US) Blender is the most powerfull of all.

Good luck when you have more time!


Tokabola, your idea worked :smiley:

wow! …my first …well …hmmm …upper part of a red-wine glass :]

I’ll try the suggestions of you other guys a bit later :] …i just happened to wake up tonight at 4AM, and did a bit of blendering to calm me down to go to sleep again :slight_smile:

To rotate Beizers curves you need to first change the control handles to calc handles.
To do this go into edit-mode select all handles (A) and press H twice, then the curves will rotate


i’m impressed on how many solution you guys found …i feel like being on a linux forum …ask something that people consider to be impossible …wait for a few days and be amazed on the number of different working!! solutions the guys (and gals, i’m sure there are some) found.

silver_hook looks at his blender install
this is a beggining of a beautiful friendship :smiley: