Blender Can't Find Python

I just did a fresh install of Windows XP Professional and updated to SP3.

I installed Python 2.6, then Blender 2.48. Upon loading, Blender said that Python is not installed. So, I uninstalled and re-installed Python but Blender still says it’s not installed.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


try downloading/installing python 2.5.2 and make sure you get the py2.5 version of blender

That fixed it. Thanks!

hey i have a question. I copied and pasted Luxblend script in to Blenders script. And when i open Blenders script window to direct it to the software, i get python script error message. What am i doing wrong now, and even when i try to open Luxbelend render export from the top menu, it still says Python Script Error. Pleas help!!!

I had the same problem. The fine people over at Luxrender helped. This was their answer and it worked: (from Jens)

"On OSX the only thing you have to take care of is to use the right Blender-version compiled against Python 2.5.
OSX 10.5 comes with a complete Python-framework ( 2.3 + 2.5 ), there is nothing to install to get exporter running.
For the system automatically chooses the right Python on Blender-launching, the Blender Py2.3-version would work, but
the Luxblend will not !!! It need´s Python 2.5 or higher.

Get it here: … "

Can i install multiple versions of the python? Since Blender 2.49a needs 2.6.2, and your saying Luxrender needs 2.5.2, will that work? Thanx for the reply though. Some people are getting angry because i’m posting the same question on multiple forums, and need answers as fast as possible. Thanx

The version of Python that needs to be installed to make LuxBlend work has to match the version that Blender was compiled with. In Johnny’s case, that means Python 2.6.x.

For reasons unknown to me, Blender versions for different operating systems are compiled with different versions of Blender, so instructions that may help on one operating system may not work on another.