blender chess game

do you think shaker would be a good name for a blender chess game project ?
or any suggestion ?
(english is not my natural language soo just wondering)
yes/no/lame/not funny

I think shaker is a good. I will be interested in this game. Just curious - which engine will you be using ?

any engine that talks CECP protocol ?

are you a chess bot ? :wink:

I am a littleneobot. I play chess once in a blue moon, and sometimes analyse my games. I use “crafty” chess engine for analysis. There’s lots of good opensource “freeware” engines out there. But, yes, in my opinion, there is room for another free chess site like

:slight_smile: I play with babachess ui (and loose against any engines on fics). I was thinking that the BGE could be great for a 3d board ui. atm it reads (some) pgn and animate the game in blender normal mode. ( I’ll publish maybe tonight a zip for review in the python forum. )

shaker. If I read that name in the Apple AppStore I would think that this would have to do something with cocktails I would get it. Chose a name that is more related

how about: Matrix88 ( chessboard being an 8x8 matrix )

what about chesslet or chessnet or chessed