Blender closes when opening it

Hello ^^

My problem is that the Blender closes when i open it. The cmd thing opens up and then the blender appears, but after that it just closes. I had an earlier version of Blender that actually worked properly (can’t remember if 7.73 or 75, it had the image of the worm of Cosmos Laundromat), but… i had to reinstall it because of a problem with the Cycles Render (when switching to Cycles Render the blender crashes, making it unable to use it), so, i thought that installing the latest version of blender would solve this problem of Cycles Render, but it just enworsed everything :(. Now i won’t sculpt anymore (yes, i was using blender before unistalling it, so it actually worked on my pc).

So, to show you how it looks…

And after that, POOF!, it just closes :confused:

Need some help, i really want to use blender again, and i really want to solve the thing about the Cycles Render.


try downloading a fresh copy in ZIP format. extract the files and run it right there. no need to install anything.

if that doesnt work, then in your appdata folder, in roaming, delete the blender folder. move it somewhere else if you dont want to lose all your settings.

What are your system specs (especially: graphics card and driver)?