Blender Cloth Development news!!!


I have just discovered that there are some brand new test animations of Blender cloth development:

Last development seems really brilliant and very very professional. Video comparing softody and cloth modificator is quite self-explanatory.

I suppose that Daniel Genrich will be praised as one of the BIG Blender CODER KINGS when this will be implemented :slight_smile: (In 2.50 maybe ? :-///) Do not hesitate to give Daniel credit even now.

shweet! very nice indeed! :-)’’ ok, gotta stop drooling over the whole keyboard… :stuck_out_tongue: very nice job, cant wait it to be finished! :smiley:

Great news. Thanks for the heads-up.

I have a little time today to play with this. so far, I have only been able to get the cloth to act like cloth just a little, but then I cant seem to stop it from recoiling on it’s self like a wad. I have to play with the settings a while, I guess I need to hunt down the available documentation for this, I seem to be overlooking them at the wxtools site.

Great, I hope this makes the 2.5

Excellent, this looks great! Thx for the info!

I love the tearing video, this looks like this will be as good as cloth simulations in some of the expensive high end apps.

This is really good.

And hundreds of thousands of people will still be horribly incompetent and not have any idea what they’re doing, but they’ll feel better about themselves because it won’t take as long and will have more buzzwords.




p.s. my message was too short