Blender Club Lightsabers (Various)

Hello, Blender Artists!

This is my first post, and while the content may not be up to the usual standards of this forum, I think one should consider the circumstances, so I’ll lead with those.

I’ve been using Blender for close to two years now, working off of an '08 MacBook and rendering using the family server in my basement. Recently (September of last year), I started a club at my high school for Blender. We’ve had twenty-two meets to date, the last eight during which we’ve worked on these lightsabers (three days modeling, one day anisotropy theory, three days texturing, one day compositing; eight weeks, three days since we started). We meet weekly (most of the time), which presents its challenges for the members as they must retain their Blender knowledge in between. The structure is generally 15 minutes setup, a 10-15 minute theory discussion on what we will be building that day, and then a half hour or so to work on whatever out project is. Although we have eight permanent members (not including me), only six members were able to finish their lightsabers before today (I always get them their renders back the Sunday after we finish). Each lightsaber is slightly different reflecting how each person wanted it to look. Sorry for my ramble, I’m just so proud of them!

Inspiration for the project (Made this a year ago):

Target finished product:

The one I made along with them:

Looks like I’ll have to post the rest in a follow-up post :slight_smile: