Blender comic strip (no pics... just a suggestion)

ok i just watched battlefeild earth u know the film with john travolta about earth being taken over… it gave me a plan for a comic in 3D that i could make it obviously wouldent be great but it would take far to much to make it into a fully blown anim so i think ill just stick to a comic strip, here is the story

year: unknown some time past 2021

Situation: war, a war with some unknown race, no one seems to know who they are or where it is they come from. Its been a long cold war of atrition blow for blow and now the humans are in hiding fighting from whatever hiding places they can find, and the war is baing lost… slowly but being lost and it is up to the suvivors to stop the total destruction of the human race. or is it? it looks like an old friend has returned.

thats all im willing to give away as it stands dont want to give away the happy bit yet lol but it seems like a good idea in my head… tell me what u think.

Oh i dont know…not to take anything away from your idea, but, it seems a little familiar…alá Final Fantasy spirits within (except for your idea of an “old friend returning”). Still, its a pretty good idea you have there :).