Blender COMMANDS .txt *** A personal info repository ***

Hi, folks;

Inspired by some reading of the official online Blender Manual and innumerable video tutorials on Blender I’ve been learning from on the long run,
I’ve decided that, instead of me having a personal text file containing all useful technical information I could gather and take note of, I could share this content and update it regularly on a blog.

For now, the information is more likely just good for the author himself!
The information, although I am trying to follow a logical presentation system, is very, very basic and probably confusing; and I’m still struggling to develop a proper formatting for the content.

Do you folks have any insight?
I mean, on how to make this idea of a ‘Blender techniques catalogue’ better, clearer, more logical, more useful, etc.?
(besides using images or changing the blog’s theme, as I’m looking for those issues soon or later; though I accept special suggestion on them)


PS: At some point, I’ve thought I could create a Wikipedia Article to develop this catalogue on shared hands, but since the content is rather way too technically specific, it probably wasn’t adequate for Wikipedia, thus I gave up - returning to the idea of a personal blog.
PS2: The content of the blog is all in one page because it is supposed to be Searched with a Ctrf-F command on the Browser!

Just actualizing the Topic

(the first post has been modified, as well as the original link)!