Blender compatible with iSierra?


Yesterday I upgrade my iMac mid 2011 El Capitan 10.6 to Sierra. After that Blender behave strange. Today I unistalled Blender and downloaded Blender 2.77 and I think everything working OK.Maybe I need to wait to upgrade??

Have you any problem with Sierra.


Not seen any issues. I can’t recall any issues when updating to any new version .
What is behaving strangely ?

Yesterday I have Sharp Edges all over the eyes when I use Subdivision 2, but I dont use any sharp edges. Today I made a new eye and there is no sharp Edges, so far. Maybe the reson ar that I reinstalled Blender today.

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Why would an OS update add/remove sharp edges from your model ?

Did you have autosmooth enabled ?

Sorry I put my question in wrong place.

If you look at my screen shot you see the sharp edges on the eyelid. I try to uncheck the Optimal Display, but the edges still there.

This morning after I unstalled and download a new Blender the problem have disaphered.

I never had this problem before so i blame Sierra.

Thanks for helping.

Richard Marklew. Yes the problem was that you thinking of. I had autosmooth enable. From now on I will never have that enable.


Problem solved