Blender Compositer FTW!

Just used some of the new node rendering/output options to save a bunch of time on a project for a client!

I needed to re-render a fluid sim from about a year ago and I wanted to add the new vector blur to it, the stills I tested it on looked good, but I wasn’t sure how good it would look in motion.

I was afraid I would have to render it twice until I remembered hearing about the “File Output” node.

I was able to render the full scene just once but save it out with and without the vector blur pass.:smiley:

I love Blender more everyday!:yes:

Fantastic! I like the blur, too; I usually dont like it, but you’ve used it just right. good call on that We love to hear about pro success stories; helps counteract some of the negativity. And the grid/tile background really emphasizes the fluid refraction. Really gets the point across, too, the whole flowing water for a drain opener.

maybe try a defocus node, too? The scene looks great without it, but I just can’t resist the urge to use it.

I did try that, for the still tests at least, but when I got enough blur on the background it made the scene look like it was microscopic.:confused:

I am loving the new defocus node! Now I just need to get into the Material Node Editor.