Blender Conference 2007 Photos

I uploaded my photos from the Blender Conference 2007.

name:suzanne - pw:award

Cool! Thanks =)
That’s me in the back, on the last right side laptop
and with the white cap, sitting with jahka and genscher (having a lot of fun =)
also on the right side
and well, in one other pic, but there my back is towards the camera.

Hey, those are some great photo’s.

AAAGH, tell the guy at the front in this pic he’s going to die in a week*:

And the girl on the right here:

Did they watch Elephant’s Dream? I heard it can do that to you.

*reference to The Ring movie

Is this Ton’s bat mobile?:

He has to have a secret identity, no normal person makes a superhero stance like this:

And here’s the Peach team getting doped up at their favorite cafe right?

Where two hookers will come and try to pick up ugly guys but don’t go ugly man because they will take you to a hostel and next thing you know some weird guy is cutting you to pieces. :eek:

Yeah nice photos, Amsterdam looks like such a peaceful place to live.

osxrules: ??

nice pics… wish i could’ve been there.


beautiful pictures roy :smiley: looking forward to next year!
i wish more people shared their bconf photos here…

osxrules: yes, amsterdam is quite a peaceful place to live.


haha, good one!

… not sure why Andy isn’t laughing, I can see him sitting a few meters away from me… maybe he didn’t see Ringu?.. I dunno, man… what?

andy doesnt laugh… andy waits.

Why does it have to be Amsterdam! I wanna go, but I can’t afford the plane ticket. :frowning:
I got an idea, how about next year Australia!

Wish granted, @ndy :eyebrowlift:. I just uploaded my photos, you’ll >find them here.

Roy, thanks for sharing your photos - they look high class, your DSLR beats the pants off my pocket camera. By the way, which tool did you use to produce the gallery?



Thoro, thanks!
It’s me again ;D

Did you manipulate any of those images?

You shouldn’t do that on stage though ;):

still waiting, grey-haired guy getting a bit mad:

ok grey-haired guy take the mic from Andy:

Why did you edit your post? You cut out all the good stuff. :slight_smile:

@Falgor: You’re welcome. I added a noise reduction filter to some of the indoor photos - and made some subtle changes.

I use

Maybe I should apply a noise reduction filter as well. Especially my indoor pics are a bit noisy due to ISO 1600. Up to now I made only subtle color corrections to some of the pics in Lightroom.

Very nice pictures !