blender conference dorm room at stayok ?

Hi folks, it might be fun this year to have a blenderhead room (or rooms) booked at the stayok hostel (there’s a new one quite close to the conference center) instead of sharing with drunken party people (smelly/puking at night etc) that way we can saturate ourselves in all things nerdy.
If you’re interested , post here, and we’ll book a room together. act quick, so they don’t run out of space…
cheers- and hope to see you there.

might do that. need to rethink whether I can/want to go and all, but sounds cool.
Stayed at a stayokay a few times, was a good hostel.

sorry guys, circumstances beyond my control prevent me from making it to the blender conference this year… you’ll have to make your arrangements without me. I’ll go to the New York Blender conference, though.

EDIT: if you guys are still looking for a place , the stayok zeeburg is a good candidate; you can try what I was going to do (i.e. book a large room for a bunch of blenderheads together)

Guys I’m still not sure if I’m staying in amsterdam or not… if someone (or a few people) would like to share a room at the stayok though, it would be quite affordable…

So if you’re still looking for a place to stay, let me know, maybe we cab figure something out.

well, i feel less bad about not being able to come either then,
would’ve been nice to see old orangers… but not many are going i hear…


darn it. Just when I actually AM going. Wait a min? aren’t you mentioned on the schedule for the conference as a speaker? So the list is kinda outdated now?

twas the rigging I was actually looking forward to most … :frowning:

About staying where, I haven’t decided yet. I might be able to crash at a friends place. He is a student PUR sang, so I don’t really know if that is a plus or a minus. Or I’ll be staying at the stayokay if a friend of mine comes along as well, he probably will. We could probably arrange something with more of you blenderheads here.

Not posting here too often but I’m going…and thought of the stayokay also. Would be nice to meet some of you there…
(Though I actually intended to do the drink/smell/puke thing :yes: …just kidding… )


FreakyDude, yes I was, but my passport is expiring, and I have not enough time to get a visa and renew (stupid, but I didn’t realize my passport had to be valid 3 months after the return date- I thought I had plenty of time, or I would have renewed it this summer).
so my trip is a victim of a beaurocratic mishap :slight_smile:
On the plus side, I’ll be able to go to the blenderconference in NYC, and Nathan will do a fabulous job giving the presentation by himself I’m sure (he’s an excellent animator/rigger- there’s a good reason he’s on the peach team )
There’s always next year!

well, just make sure that Ecks wont have to include quotes of you, just as he has quoted BgDM in his sig. :wink:

hope there will be a year when i’ll be able/manage to go to the conf. too! :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea . . . although this year I’ll pass on it!

So… anyone still out there whose coming but has no place to crash? I don’t much fancy staying in a dorm room and a double room is pretty affordable.

yeah, hopefully me!
although i still don’t now HOW to come to amsterdam. the connections from leipzig/germany to amsterdam are quite bad. (12 - 15 hours by train is pretty annoying). perhaps i’ll rent a car, that would be 6-7 hours and not more expensive. by the way, is there anybody from berlin or eastern germany coming to the conference by car and can give me a lift? Or vice versa?
well anyway, i really hope i can manage to come. maybe my girlfriend comes with me, then we’ll probably try the “hospitality club” , but otherwise i’ll probably come to the stayokay zeeburg

I’ll be at the conference, and I’ll be going alone, haven’t really decided whether or not I’ll crash at my friends place or rent a stayokay room.
how much euro’s does a double one cost these days?
and what is thehospitality club? never heard of that before

hospitality club? well, i would say it’s kind of - open source. :slight_smile:

A double at the stayok is like 56 euro per night… (so per person it’s only 28).

Right… I’ve been way to busy preparing stuff for the conference to even think of arranging a room… so… I’ll probably book something tomorrow (if I still can).

[EDIT] Well no small rooms there anymore, so I just reserved a bed for myself… If you fancy ending up in a room with other blenderheads maybe mentioning my name (Dolf Veenvliet), may help… But I guess I’ll get along fine with the drunken tourists :wink: [/EDIT]