Blender Conference in Turin (Italy), 3 May

I’m proud to present:

Blender Conference in Turin - Architecture University - 3 May

The conference will be starting at 13.00 PM (Rome time) and will be focused around the relationship between Blender and architecture.

Some italian blenderheads (among them kino, env, and - forgive me :wink: - myself) will speak to the crowd of students and teachers.

Here are the scheduled events:

Opening, showreel and buffet
Intro about Blender and Open Source
The features of Blender applied to architectural projects
How to make AutoCAD and Blender cooperate without pain
Architectural animation in Blender: effects, videopost, NLE
Lighting techniques: internal renderer, yafray support, external radiosity engines
Navigating a realtime environment with precalculated radiosity solution
Closing, showreel

Here is attached the official banner in italian.

You can mail me at riccardo.covino(at) for further informations.

Wow, this is so cool! I wish I could go. Will transcripts be available after the conference?

Let’s make this sticky up to 03/05 :wink:


thanx S68!

Bijin, the video will be available.

where is the news for it on it deserves it


Awesom, looks promissing, not that I can go, because I live in The Netherlands. But I’ll also go to the Blender Conference this year. :smiley:

the official link on dot org will be posted on Tuesday :smiley: