Blender Conference streaming videos

The 3Dzine site is openning the 3DzineTV. The new area of the site will broadcast news, documentaries and computer graphic events.
The premiere online content is an 11 hour report on the Blender Conference 2004, which we attended and recorded. The videos are free to watch in real time with streaming technology.

As I´ve changed my DNS server recently, some might not be able to acces the link above. For those, try:

Very cool. By the way the 39min one by Josua seaver Archaeological Reconstruction and Beyond link brings up his profile interview instead.
Didn’t know who to mention this to.

Can’t play them on any browser in linux :expressionless:
You could be losing about a third of your audience.


I could play them fine, pity I only speak English :frowning:

Paradox, thanks a lot. Just fixed that.

Thanks, Greybeard; I know that the videos are playable on Linux with Mplayer and the WMV CODEC. Will put up instructions for this.

I have the win32 codecs on my linuxbox but I still can get the sound to work…both in mplayer, Totemplayer (based in xine)

Thanks, Ztonzy. I will work on the Linux sound issue.

Can you guys having problems with the audio, please update your codecs to see if it makes any diference? WMV 9 video and audio (voice).

update what?

I dont know if there’s any newer than I already have…

Yesterday when I tried to watch the Blender for robotics video it played the award nominies video. I didn’t test all of them but it seemed that the videos below the two award videos all show the award videos…

Great stuff Rangel. Thanks for sharing this.

One of these years I will make it over there for this thing.


Thanks, kitsu. I´ve corrected the links.