Blender Confrence 2007 - Videos

anyone got any blender confrence videos online or getting them ready to put online?

in the “Following Blender Confrence 2007” thread a few people posted that they have tons and tons of footage. however, it appears only two videos are online at the moment (suzanne awards video, and the animation used in the suzanne awards).

in particular i’m looking forward to seeing the video of project peach annoucing their movie. it has sacha and his broken english, ton with his bad temper and some guy in a bunny outfit…

super OUT!

i was wondering about this myself

And I quote

At the moment they’re still being edited… please check after Oct 24…

So I guess we have to wait -(negative)5 days for it.

Actually, last week I saw Campbell watching a bit of the presentation video, but when I asked him later, he didn’t remember where he got it from. So… you just have to wait -5 days.

Btw, what’s wrong with a bunny outfit? It could’ve been worse… like a dragoncat outfit… or a Scottish Elvis…

I think the videos were still being edited. I saw a preview a few days ago that ton posted on IRC. I think that was an encoding test. So it is being worked on.

btw, the quality of the video was awesome!


There are some videos posted now, but I am unable to play any of them on Linux or Windows.



I can’t play them either :frowning:

Trying to open in quicktime. They seem to be pointing to another file somehow :confused:

Yes, videos seem to be corrupted. Even VLC which can “eat” nearly anything cannot play even one of them. :-(((((

ok ok, i will wait the 5 days or - or + or = or * or @ or ! or % or ^ or whatever other symbol you guys want to put up there with the number 5.

but if that video is corrupt too, and can not be viewed i will beat up goofster…i know he has no responciblity for this but i will beat him like a red headed step child from mars if i dont get to see this freaking annoucment video in <>.,.?/ 5 days, understands…

so please get the videos up, and please fix the corruption problem with viewing the videos or goofster is going to get an ass kicking of a lifetime, i will start out with some warm up shots to the ribs, followed up by a quick game of “i’m gonna punch you so hard in your mouth your going to be sh***ng your own teeth…”

so lets get this thing fix or the wu is gonna do it!!!11and you dont want to see wu do it!!!1 thank you and goodnight…

It’s a pity that even the mighty VLC is confuddled by these videos. Oh well, back to waiting for the working videos :slight_smile:


Wohoo!!! :smiley:

The videos seem to be uploaded now :yes:

aaaand, the server of is dead(or something), again… :frowning: jeesh!

I am downloading them. vlc doesn’t play them, Totem doesn’t play them, but oddly Xine plays them fine. So if you’re on Linux, try them in Xine :smiley:

Here’s a copy of the Andy - Creature Workshop video.

I had no trouble playing it in either VLC or Totem.

Video are pretty big. Has the one by Nathan “Cessen” been recorded ? The one on rigging ?

Torrent anyone ?