Blender console help

Hey, I’m using Ubuntu OS, and I want to be able to see the console so I can see python output. I’ve read that I have to run it from the terminal, but I have no idea how I might do this. Could someone please help me?

not sure how it works in linux but in windows there is an option under help to toggle the console window its off by default

yeah, i don’t see an option like that in the help menu, but thanks anyways

type "gnome-terminal"
type "blender"
if that doesn't work:
    "blender" isn't in the path, so you'll have to navigate to it using cd

I’m doing this from memory, so the steps might need a little tweaking.

Start terminal:

$ blender my.blend


$ blenderplayer my.blend

($ is a representation of the terminal prompt - don’t type that.