Blender Console Idea (a few questions)

Ive come up with an idea, all i need is for you to tell me if these ideas are possible.

Would it be possible to make a sort of ‘console’ using Blender?
For example…If i created it, it would be like the ps3 or xbox 360’s dashboard (minus the online bit) and it would be able to play Blender games that ive put on a data CD.

Would it be possible to have this ‘console’ load the game from the CD? or load the data from my computer?

I think it might be possible with the ‘game’ actuator with its sub type set to ‘start new game’, and in the text box under it type a common name that all my blender games have.

For example…all my games would be called Game X on the data disc…so in the game actuator i would put Game X and tell it to look in the disc drive of my laptop or PC.

I hope im making sence here. I thought it would be a cool idea, because once the basic controls are set up, im sure i can modify it to do more complex things.

I think Yo Franky does exactly that with different levels. You can create a level (as blend) and place in the level folder. When you run the game it provides you with this level without extra work. (I saw it in the tutorial videos.)

With a little bit of scripting this should be easy. You just need to find the filenames, present them in any form (e.g. a menu), set up the game actuator, activate the game actuator.

That would be… pretty easy…

You wouldn’t be able to do it 100% through Blender… your “console” would have to be running an operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac… etc), and you would set up that OS to launch your “base blend” file on startup. The base blend would be a normal executable that would just look for a list of blend files on a CD, display them, and give you the option of launching them.

So… if your cd drive was D:, all you’d have to do is find python code that finds all the blend files on d:, then you can use the Game actuator to load that blend.