Blender constantly crashing while rendering (on Mac)

hi everyone.
i recently brought a new 27" iMac and Blender works really well on it…for the most part. it crashes from time to time but its a lot better than it was on my PC, unless i’m rendering. its constantly crashing while rendering.
the scene i’m currently working with is a landscape (made with the landscape add-on) made with a single light source in the cycles engine. it’s only a very basic scene i threw together in about an hour, but may put more effort into later. its the first attempt at animation I’ve done on this computer with only a simple camera movement over 65 frames.
heres a screenshot of the scene in the render preview (sorry, it’s grainy):
how can i stop this?
also, what format should i export it as for a mac? is it quicktime or one of the AVI formats?
i’m happy to supply any additional info about the scene or computer if needed :slight_smile:

Hi, Blender create a text file if it crash.
It call crash.txt and is saved in /tmp directory (win/lin).
I don´t know where it is stored on OSX but may you can get info about the crash.
Blender crash if you run out of memory or if you get system themperature problems.
Try to render with 25% resolution, this save a lot of memory.
Most animations are rendered as single pictures using png or exr, you can work with any video editor later on.
If you get a crash you can render from the latest frame without problems.

Cheers, mib.

on crashing Blender creates a bit of a report on mac and shows it to you, telling you what went wrong but it’s not very clear and its quite long.
i can’t imagine it would be from shortage of memory, seeing as my toshiba notebook had 4GB RAM memory and could render without issues (except in very very high polly scenes which i never did a lot of anyway) but the iMac has 32GB RAM memory and is always crashing on rendering. the system doesn’t feel hot either, nor do i hear the fan very often (it comes on every now and then)

I assume you’ve done very basic problem solving such as hiding everything from the render then gradually adding back components to see when any tcrashes ocurr. If not, go away and do so.

Are you suing gpu or cpu for rendering ?

This is taken from your screenshot:

Maybe using experimental features is not the wisest choice in terms of stability?

Oh, and nobody who is thinking clearly would render directly to any movie format. Always render to single images and compose them afterwards.

I have noticed that 2.69 is very crashy on render as well. What I have found is that if I issue a viewport render before I press F12 Blender does not crash.

Yeah I found ffmpeg to be crashy as well. Reverted to rendering frame sequences. Also the VSE had problems when adding a scene to render out, very strange as I had to prerendered that.