Blender Cookie: Winter Contest - Design and Model a New Sleigh

We’ve all seen traditional Santa sleighs around the holidays…though you may have found yourself questioning its design. How does it actually store all of the presents? What sort of heating systems does it contain? How does it maintain lift/thrust? And how refined are those aerodynamics in reality? All questions I am sure we,as 3D artists ponder. If you haven’t then hopefully you are pondering now!

This year you are charged with designing next years Santa’s Sleigh. This is a big responsibility, with quite a few things to take into account. The sleigh could be a uber sleek sci-fi model, a classic looking sleigh, or perhaps a rusty steam punk design.

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Submission deadline is January 3rd midnight (-6GMT) using the submit image button on the page above.


  • First Place: $100 Gift Card to, 1yr Citizen Membership, and choice of training series from CG Cookie’s Shop (Digital Download)
  • Second Place: $50 Gift Card to, 60 Day Citizen Membership
  • Third Place: 30 Days Citizen Membership
  • FB Community Vote: Choice of a Training Series on the Cg Cookie Shop (Digital Download Version) FB Community vote will take place and be awarded after the contest is complete to allow fair judging of all images.

Enjoy and anxious to see what designs are thought of!

Hello mr Burke

What is the submission timefor the contest. It says -6 gmt. Does this mean that this is London time 23:59:59 on January 3rd minus the 6 hours. Hope you can give information about this.

Already thanks

Hi there - that should be 6AM London time, though to help out this site rocks. :wink:

So you mean on January 3rd 6 am. Maybe you could also give a reply on Blender Cookie. There are more questions about the date and time from different people. So about 8-9 hours to go.
Already thanks for the reply.

Sure thing, apologize for any confusion. I’ve just also extended it to 8am, Chicago U.S. Time to help if there was any confusion. So approximately 16hours left from when I am posting this. :wink: Hope this helps!

Okidoki thanks for the reply and forgot to wish you happy new year.