Blender Cookies

Which ones are better?
And critiques.
cookie mat node


Very good. Here are my critiques:

  1. The crumbs are too regular. I would make them more crummy, and less seedy.
  2. The letter “b” on your candies are all facing the same way on each cookie. Rotate them a bit.
  3. Your shader looks great from a distance, but when you zoom in, it looks more like some sort of alien skin rather than cookie material. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s creepy. Maybe turn down the strength on your bump, and leave it mostly to displacement?

Other than that, it’s great. Keep up the good work.

I just noticed. The first image has crummy crumbs but the second one has seedy crumbs. The crumbs in the first image look great.

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Maybe your voronoi that is generating the cracks could be a little bit smaller. I would also recommend having your other textures such as the noise affect the color, rather than just using one random constant color. The crumb shape looks good in image 1, but the colors are too different from each other.

Yes its a tough cookie :crazy_face: but its just for fun and a proof of concept.
Thanks for the awesome feed back.
The front cookie was sub d at 4x and you see the displacement mat. nodes.

One of them has too many Cookie Cracks; the other is better.