blender crash loading materials

(miffwhite) #1

I’ve been using Blender for years and recently have started using a geforce 2 and every time I try to load an image either uv or other blender pops up the error window and crashes. I’m not entirely sure if it is the geforce or what? – any ideas? I already reinstalled-

Any help is appreciated


(meestaplu) #2

Is this using the loader that shows thumbnails or using the loader that shows a file list? Also, is it the same image that you are trying to load every time?

There is a computer at my school that doesn’t like one particular image in one directory - it crashes ONLY if I open that directory in the image thumbnail loader. All other directories and images work fine.

Try deleting any .Bpib files; Blender stores image thumbnails in them - one of those may have become corrupted.

If neither one of those is the problem, then it’s probably the old catch-all: Video drivers. For some reason, Blender is very picky about the driver you use, especially under Windows XP. Try upgrading (or downgrading) the driver; that works quite often.

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