Blender crash on large scenes on newer laptop

Hi guys

I’ve got some large dense scenes that I was previously running fine on my i7 16GB RAM with a 2GB Nvidia GT660M.

On my new laptop i7 8GB RAM with a 6GB RAM Nvidia GT870M, the scene crashes the instant I click anywhere in the viewport.

In the top bar it’s using about 485M and 1.5million verts.

Would you mind going over user preferences checks to ensure I’m running my laptop at full capability? It seems odd it doesn’t work on the newer spec. Although there’s less RAM it’s only ever running at 50% and CPU at 12%.

It uses Nvidia optimus to switch between in-built Intel graphics and Nividia as needed. Looks like it’s running the viewport off the GPU as the GPU starts to heat up once I open Blender.

Thanks in advance

any ideas?