Blender crash when loading an image texture

I made a few leaf textures , 400dpi each. The bump, color and alpha maps load fine but when i load the translucency map blender crashes.


Winxp sp1
home edition
AMD athlon 64 processor
512mb ram
ATI Radeon 9600 XT-4
Blender3d 2.37a

image specs:


size: 792kb

thanks for reading.

Hi Wasibi! Try a search on Blender General with key word ‘dpi’. Seems you’re using too high resolution for screen. May give good quality for print work, but most don’t recommend going over 100 dpi. Want more quality increase your pixel dimmensions. Hope that helps…

Blender doesn’t read “dpi” it just reads pixel data of images. The two are one in the same as far as computers go. Printers on the other hand… well… its a messy topic.

The point is that your texture is very very large and its possible you’re running out of memory. If you load the translucency first my guess is that it would be fine.

desoto: You were right. I should of known. :slight_smile:

Well thanks for your replys