Blender Crashes, A LOT!

Anyone know what’s going on with this software? I hate to sound like a whiner, but I can hardly get anything accomplished because Blender crashes constantly. It hates the nodes and apparently it’s not too fond of sequence editing either. No, it’s not my hardware as this happens on all 3 computers that I use…Acer, E-machines, and Compaq. I love what Blender can do… when it wants to do it, but I’m starting to dislike using it because it can’t stay online. Adding a scene to the sequencer with a single cube just brought it down. There was only one other scene that had a single cube also. That was in a CVS build , but that’s still absurd. Anyone know what gives?

If you can reproduce any crash by doing things in certain sequence, please report it in the bug tracker at so the developers can take a look at it. Please check before posting report that similar report does not exist already.

u play with fire, ur gonna get burned… ha ha. reinstal 2.42a and see if it still crashes. MY PC is stable. anytime i try to report a bug i find that it has already been addressed by a CVS build; though i dunno why a CVS build would introduce more bugs. I do know that 2.42a material nodes on win32 is not stable.

Well, it’s not my install as it happens frequently across 3 different computers. I just thought it was kind of absurd that a nearly MT scene caused a crash. 2.42 crashes frequently (as do the CVS versions)when moving noodles between nodes with “Use Nodes” enabled and also when moving or scaling the image from a viewer node in the UV window with middle mouse button, also with use nodes enabled and ocasionaly when reenabling the use nodes button. The devs are looking into it. I’m not a programmer, but that tells me that it may have something to do with the manner in which the temp .exr file is being accessed and updated since it is post processing that almost always is the culprit. Seems to me that there should be some kind of instruction in the pipeline that disallows post process information from writing to the files untill any other post process info that is being removed from the temp file has cleared the pipeline. In other words, I think that it may be trying to perform new post preocesses on information that is actively clearing the pipeline and this results in a fatal error when interactively working with noodles rather than passively - via disabling the use nodes button. Imagine a cook pouring oil into a pan on the stove and some jackass (me) snatches the pan off the stove in the process. When the oil hits the flame below, the entire stove is going to erupt in a ball of fire.That’s just my semi-uneducated guess though.

I dont think its you or the machine, a while back blender almost never crashed (versions earliar then 240) , since then it seems to crash all the time, sometimes I wonder if its become more anti windows , right now tho it seems the development focus is on more more, and not as much on fixing what is already there and barely working, eventually there will be a few cycles of heavy debugging tho im sure, untill then the only thing I can say is save frequently. Tho you might want to check for virus’s on all of your machines just to be safe.

I agree that the devs may have too much on their plates. I just hope they will wait to release 2.43 until it is working as it should. It’s good to have a wide audience for to work the kinks out, but quite another to have folks spreading the word that it’s not stable. I just now lost Blender on what should have been a six second render of Suzanne using only vertex paint. There’s nothing much to send to the bug tracker even though there was only about 10 mins between my last save and the crash. The session was in quite a different state than the last save and recover last session never works. It would be nice if they could institute some sort of error reporting the way windoze does it. I believe multilayer exr files will have many professionals questioning why they are using such expensive software in light of the Blender alternative and I think it would be a shame to attract those professionals only to lose them just because Blender won’t stay online. That could sully the BF reputation for years to come.
It appears that those guys are spending too much time coding and not enough time playing with their toys. I had just stuck the tip of my toe in the water when I had the crash that prompted me to start this thread. Even in beta, that aint good.

cvs builds can be buggy, you need to state which build you are using and on what system and what version of Python is installed in your comp/s. Also what graphics cards are you using.
For windows Blender 2.42a is the latest stable official release. For best results Python 2.4.3 should also be installed.
the cvs are not official stable releases and often may have features disabled or be a little buggy themselves. I have multiple versions of Blender 2.42a & current cvs & opt. builds
running on multiple systems, acer & amd & I rarely run into problems that I don’t cause myself by pushing the limits of file size, asking blender to do too much too quickly or just being impatient. Post your crashing file, save just before you know it will crash.
That way people will be able to help you. Telling people that they are ruining blenders reputation will only harm yours.
Beleive me I know, been there done that not doing it again.

No, no, no. I said I don’t want to see it’s reputation ruined by having it released too soon. I have about 5 different builds on my machines. Ton told me the same thing about file size. Most of my renders peak between 300 and 500 MB per frame. I have a gig on each of my machines and know better than to try to do much on the dinosaur that I’m currently typing from. You’re correct about the impatient part causing many of the crashes. Still, tlike BeBraw told me a few days ago, hat shouldn’t happen.

I was hoping that one of the coders might read this post and be able to give me a heads up, but I’m not about to bother them with curiousities unless they want to be bothered - like in this forum. The only render crashes that I’ve ever had other than the one mentioned above (rendered on this piece of junk) have been in relation to the new scale node. You can scale them up, add effects and then scale them back down, but you’d better not scale them back to 100% or Blender comes down like a house of cards every time (50%, 99%, 101%, they all work just fine). So render problems are rare for me.

Also, ZanQdo’s Dec 25 build has been much more forgiving concerning the problems that I’ve been having with image node previews in the UV windw. Still, the noodle problem remains.

Believe me, I want to see Blender hit the prime time and I believe multilayer files are exactly what is needed to do that. Adobe After Effects is arguably the industry standard compositing app because it caters to the widest audience…small to medium sized production houses…and Cinema4D’s After Effects integrated workflow makes it the 3D package of choice for most of those professionals. Editable multilayer 3D files in After Effects post production pipeline are the reason for this. That’s the same direction that Blender is headed in, so it’s not much of a stretch for me to imagine a mass exodous of professional level users from expensive and proprietary suites over to this side.

So no, I’m not bad-mouthing Blender. It’s just frustrating when it crashes 20-30 times in one day and believe me when I tell you that I have my fair share of those days.

I am using Blender since 3 years from the Version 2.31, It never crashed…

What platform are you using? I’ve been thinking about installing Linux to see if Blender is more stable on it. I just dread the thought of having to learn a new operating system. I’ve used a Mac a couple of times and really like the beauty of the interface, but it’s a bit confusing for me as a windoze user.