Blender crashes on rendering.

Hi everyone, i am a new Blender user (i use Blender only 1.5 months now) and i need your help. I made in Blender a Drum set and every time that i try to perform a test rendering, it crashes. I uploaded the .blend file here so you can see by yourselves what i mean. I’m sorry for my poor English and my noob modelling but i’m trying to get better day by day.
Thanks in advance.

P.S. I read somewhere that maybe the graphics card drivers need update or the memory is not enough to perform the rendering. My computer has a quad core processor, 4 GB memory, Nvidia gtx260 graphics card (drivers are updated) and i’m using the latest release of Blender. Thanks again.

It probably has to do with the fact that you have 3,713,858 faces for just a drum set. I think there are quite a few unnecessary faces on there.

Then i guess that it will end up in the recycle bin… Unless there is a solution for this problem.

I open it w/o problem, cannot resist and convert to Cycles, simple materials (glossy for anything with word “metal” in name, other diffusion), add quad for floor, simple sky.

Before material converstion, GUI was almost unusable, lagging like 1-2 sec just to open menu, 3-4 sec. to press menu button. 3M faces stress my computer a lot. But surprizely Cycles preview window was very snappy. I think you have problem with too high memory usage, i have 8GB RAM, and linux 64 bit system.

Thanks a lot for your help storm!!!

Finally, i managed to solve the problem, a friend of mine told me to install Windows XP 64bit instead of Windows XP 32bit and then a miracle happened!!! Here’s one of the rendered images, thanks anyone who helped me.