Blender crashes on replace mesh


I am replacing a mesh a number of times for a game, but Blender keeps crashing. :mad:

It doesn’t happen consitantly - it doesn’t always crash on the same mesh change but it does crash very frequently on one mesh change or another.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a work around for it?


No, I guess?!
Try with a basic scene ( a cube) maybe?

I have a bunch of ReplaceMesh setups and they all work fine, so maybe your problem is with the meshes that pop in. Is it always a specific mesh that crashes?

Double check all the meshes for duplicate vertices. select all faces in edit mode, go to object/vertex/remove doubles.

Here’s a test file:

move the mouse over the 4 boxes to change the mesh. They all work fine - keep waving the mouse over the boxes for a minute or so and sure enough it crashes!

I can’t figure out why it crashes - it doesn’t seem to do it exactly the same every time…:frowning:

Does anyone know how to fix this??

I would be eternally grateful - Thanks!

You forgot to pack your textures in that file. And I think it makes a big difference: from what you’ve described, this seems like a memory leak. I ran the mouse over the boxes for two minutes and got nothing, but if there is indeed a memory leak, then maybe having textures would amplify it to the point where it crashes quickly.

Oh Man…!!

What a stupid mistake - forgot to pack the textures… OK I’ve edited the link above and it’s here too…

So, a Memory Leak…? is that something I can fix or is that a blender problem?


There was a thread about that in this forum and yes Its a blender problem. It happend too that when you restart the game using the restart game actuator the the game use more memory, like if you delete an object it wont be ‘‘entirely deleted’’ it will always left somethings (go see what or why) that still use memory. I think it might be the same for replacing mesh,… like if we put it that way its like if would you put one sheet on another… you’ll see the drwaing change but the paper stack up more and more