Blender crashes - Rendering


I have some Problems. Of Course, i know that my Computer isn’t the newest, but there must be a way, to get this Problem solved. I registered at NatureAcademy and anytime i try to render the Grasscene, Blender crashes and closes. It doesn’t start to render anyway.

My System:

MSI P43 C51
intelcore i2 quadcore
2gb ram
Ati Radeon HD 5670 1gb
32bit windows 7

My Questions: To get this shit rendered, do i need a new Graphicscard or more Ram? And is it better to install 64bit Edition?

Thanks for your help!

You may be running out of memory, you don’t have a lot. You need to be realistic in what a low end computer is capable of.

Simplify the scene to the bare minimum, reduce renderered number of particles, remove objects, reduce dimensions of rendered image, close down any other crap your computers running. Then render. If it does not crash add back something and try again.

More ram will do no harm but you’re limited given you 32 bit system

So 64bit would be better?

You’re running Blender on top of Windows with 2GB of RAM. Windows 7 alone takes up more than 1.5 by default. You’re almost definitely running out of memory. Unfortunately, you don’t even have much room to upgrade as you’re on a 32-bit operating system. If you want to render pretty much any complete scenes or do any kind of simulations you’ll want to go 64-bit and get as much RAM as you can afford/your motherboard can handle.

In the meantime you could try rendering things on separate layers and freeing textures from memory. But that’s really only a patch-job ignoring the real issue.

Okey. will stock up to 6gb and 64bit for the first! thanks!