Blender crashes when I go out of it and in again

As soon as I click outside of the program and click back into it Blender crashes.

My graphic driver is up to date, same with my Windows version. Yesterday it worked perfectly and today this happens.

Thank you very much for you help!


That’s weird. With which version of Blender does the problem happen? Does the problem still occur after restarting the OS?
Although this looks like a system/drivers/hardware problem, any Blender Crash is reportable:

Just make sure you give all the necessary information, such as OS and driver versions, your GPU and CPU models. Inform if the problem occurs with any scene, including default Cube. Or in any case share with developers a .blend scene where the problem is reproducible.

So apperently nothing I’ve tried worked. Probably I had a virus or something like that, I needed to reinstall my OS completely to make it work again. Bit of effort but it was worth it!
Thank you for your help!