Blender crashes when I open User Preferences

What it says in the title. As soon as I try to open User Preferences, Blender crashes. I’m stuck on campus without a mouse, so I was hoping to emulate the middle mouse button using User Preferences mouse options.

If you guys have any idea how to open User Preferences, or how to emulate the middle mouse button with using it, I’d appreciate any help.

Additional details:
Running Windows 7 64 bit on a lenovo T500. No option to emulate middle mouse button via the mouse settings in Control Panel

Make sure your Lenovo T500 is running the ATI Radeon 3650, and NOT the Intel video card. Switch to the Radeon, and make sure you have the latest drivers installed. The Intel video drivers do not cope well with Blender at all - also update those, btw.

The crashing user prefs issue plagued me in the past when I was teaching Blender in a classroom with machines sporting Intel-only video chips. Switching to the lowest ATI card at the time resolved all issues.