Blender Crashes When Opening User Preferences

I’m running Windows Vista 64 bit and Blender 2.58. I need to install Luxrender, but I can’t enable it. Whenever I click user preferences, it stops responding and then closes. I saw that this is a known issue with 2.58, but it happened with 2.57, too. Is there any other way to enable Luxblend?

Change the 3d view to a user preferences window by seleting it from the drop down list in the bottom left corner of the window.

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I’ve got Luxrender set up now, but I can’t add objects. When I click Shift-A, the menu flashes and it makes adding anything impossible.

Hiya All

I can confirm that this is still occuring but on windows vista.

I am running Vista Home Premium with 2gig mem, on a Advent 5431 model Laptop.

On the laptop I downloaded 3 of the latest builds from Graphical but all did not work, plus 1 from Zoo Blender which had the same problem in just crashing out on opening and trying to access the user preferences. I did try resetting the 3d window. No change in behaviour - just crashed out.

However my backup desktop running XP is working fine. I downloaded the latest versions from Graphical and Zoo and tested those on the XP machine - no problem. Note they were downloaded on the XP desktop not the laptop.

Ignore post - just re-read Suggestion from MOD

thank you @Richard_Marklew