Blender crashes when swapping scenes

Ok so I’m making a game in blender, Though I’ve run into a major hitch.
I have different scenes representing different levels, you can find the scene swapper at the top bar of your blender application. Everytime I try to swap between two scenes, Blender crashes. Anybody have any Idea why? And if so how I could fix this?

Does that happen with Blender or with the BGE?


Try Upbge? Also what OS you are using?

Windows 10, and I’ve never heard of upbge, what is it?

Better yet how do I install it? As there appears to be no guide on how to do so.

This is a Blender problem. I really doubt that a Blender fork will solve the issue.

Currently I can’t access your link due to firewall. So I can’t try your file.

Does this happen with any file? (default scene + add scene + switch scene)
If it does, it sounds like a Blender bug.
Open a bug in the bugtracker.

This should help to identify a problematic scene:

Create a new .blend. Append a single scenes from your current file into the new file (you should have two scenes in there right now).
Does this happen with the new file too?

If it does, repeat B) but with the other scene.

When B) was successful for both scenes:

Create a new .blend. Append all scenes from your current file into the new file.
This should allow you to continue your project.