Blender crashes when texturing

Hi guys,
When I was trying to map a earth model with a highres texture (8192x4096), .tif format blender crashed with the following error in the console:

“Cannot allocate pixels array”.

I have resized/converted the texture to 512x256 .jpg but the same error occurred.

Could you try it?
Any other help greatly appreciated.



Blender crashes too when I simply try to open the image (the resized one too) in the UV/image editor

Vista Home Premium 32-bit
Core2Duo P7350 @ 2.0Ghz

For me, Blender 2.53 (Vista 64) crashes pretty often when I want to load an existing texture. Not systematically, some textures lend to crash in complicated scenes, not in easy scenes. I first thought it had to do with paths (relative) because I had crashes when I loaded a picture. But then it crashed with a marble texture, so it’s more a texture contect problem I guess.