Blender Crashing frequently (maybe caused by driver?)

Hello fellow members,

I am experiencing some performance issues on my new PC using Blender. It has follwing specs:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 8x 4.3GHz
  • 32GB DDR4 Ram
  • GeForce RTX 2080 Super (8GB) was running 441.87 Game Ready driver and was later updated to newest version of 442.92 Studio driver.

Now I just want to render a scene with EEVEE engine. The scene is about 2 minutes long and has Verts: 1.319.855 and Faces: 1.355.981 and some 4K materials.
But it quite frequently crashes without any error messages. It starts rendering and I even get the first few rendered frames but then it crashes. Sometimes it does not crash though. I’d say Blender crashes about 40% of the time.
It is still very annoying and frustrating, since I invested so much money for the PC. I tried Blender version 2.80, 2.81, 2.82 but its always the same problem.

Do you guys think it could be a Driver issue? Would it make sense that sometimes it does not crash then?

Any ideas are greatly appreciated and thanks for your help in advance!

The 442 driver gave me a lot of issues with multiple apps, update to 445, you won’t have the issues any more. This goes for Windows and Linux.

I was getting a lot of crashes, similar to yours in that there was no pattern to the crashes. Took a long time to figure out what was happening but in the end it was a faulty PSU. I installed a new PSU at the weekend and blender no longer crashes.
When Blender crashed on my machine my OS crashed as well so this might be different to your crash.