Blender crashing in Vista - VSE

I’ve been trying to overlay the 3d video, with a live video. Once I hit render, it’ll get about half way, before Vista decided to say Blender had stopped working, when I know it’s still going. But, I have no choice but to close it. Is there any way to stop this from happening?

Don’t know anything about Vista but here’s a list of ideas:
#1. start Blender from the CLI. If it crashes you likely get debugging info which might help determine the problem.
#2. what you describe sounds like a missing codecs and/or improper container/codec combo problem. Make sure that the codec you want to use is installed in your system.
#3. render out to img sequences to check if it is actually rendering anything.

Btw, which version of Blender are you using?

Blender 2.48.1

I’m not sure how to open programs in Vistas command prompt.

I guess you should choose run (from the startup menu) and then type “command”. That should open the cli. Then cd to the directory where Blender resides and type Blender.exe
Maybe there’s a shortcut but I dunno.

“Memory in use > maximum memory
Cleaning up, please wait…
If this happens very often,
consider raising the memcache limit in the user preferences.”

Well, there you go, I guess this is self explanatory.