Blender crashing upon escaping from Rendered view

Newest: just got 2.75 and that also crashes the game I had built with the 2.70 version, thsi time immediately on start up of bge runtime, and not on close. Recommendation: port the game over slowly piece by piece to see the problem, or just continue building in 2.70 until more stable 2.76+ version comes out?

I should prob say that the game I am trying to open (from 2.70 to 2.75/6) uses read csv files, as well as libloading blend files. Are either of those things what is causing this for sure, by any chance(from previous knowledege?)

edited: it doesn’t crash with a blank game, so I am going to have to pick through my stuff and see when the problem starts happening.

Upon exiting rendered game view in blender game engine, pressing Esc crashes the program. Changing the hotkey doesn’t work, and ESC still is the only hotkey that will ‘close the viewer,’ no matter what I replace for an input. I can usually open blender once, escape from the rendered game view once, but then after that it crashes, I reopen, it crashes

Here are m computer specs from system in control panel, I don’t know what full specs you’d want to see, but I think I’m supposed to post them. I am using 64 bit blender 2,76, going to try 32 bit now. Also, I was using it installed from the MSI and not the zip. I am going to try to use it from the zip download now (64 bit) to see if it works beter.

Edited: the 32 bit, zip versions, etc, all still crash, multitexture mode, glsl mode, but only when closing game engine render. Please and thank you!

this is a screen shot of specs from a while ago, but they are still the specs