blender crashing with GIF background image

I have a problem with blender crashing when I load a GIF image as the background.

I’m using blender 2.47 on a macbook pro 10.4.11.

It crashes when I zoom in on the background image. Anyone else have this problem?

EDIT: ah…didn’t realize 2.48 was released today. maybe it has fixed the problem.

Welcome on BA. :slight_smile:

AFAIK, Blender doesn’t support (endures ?) GIF for much of anything… You can convert to png, jpeg, tiff, tga…

Question like that are, usually, better asked in one of the support forum.

Have fun


Thanks for the reply.

I’ve downloaded 2.48 and everything works just fine!

I didn’t really know which forum to post this in. I was looking for a ‘Bugs & Troubleshooting’ section but it looks like there isn’t one.

Well, good for them.

There are 8 different forums under “support”, plus another one under “game engine” ; there is some more support to be found in the two work in progress forums (stills/animation and BGE) and in focussed critique.

We discuss Blender in News & Discussion but in much more general terms, like new functionality (for Blender), philosophy (of Blender), faith (in Blender), defense (of Blender) and sometimes human sacrifices to appease the Blender gods.


lol. good to know. I’ll keep that in mind next time.