Blender Creating New Faces On Cuts And Extrudes

I’ve never had this problem before, never even seen it.

I updated to 2.83.4 today. I started creating a simple object, something I could knock out in my sleep, and I began noticing that when I made some cuts, or extruded an edge too close to another, it looked like Blender would try to connect them, connecting these weird faces automatically.

I’ve reset everything back to factory default, disabling all my plugins and addons, but it’s still doing it. I can’t figure out why. Is it a bug in the new version? Have I accidentally turned some setting on I’ve never run across previously?

Here’s a couple of shots to better illustrate my issue…

I’ll make an edge loop here…

And as soon as I commit it, this happens…

What’s causing this? Whatever it is, it’s driving me up the freaking wall!

I just started a new model, and the problem mysteriously went away. So I can safely say it’s a problem with my original mesh, though hell if I know what’s causing it.

Guess all I can do is write it off as one of those things, and hope it doesn’t happen again.