Blender crushes when I output to Quicktime format

Whenever I try to render and output an animation using QT, Blender crashes. I follow the same process of saving first still image files but it doesn’t work. I have tried MP4 and it work. When I later convert the MP4 file to QT the file plays fine. This has been happening since when I started using Blender.

I will appreciate anyone who can help me on this.

Supply an example.

What quicktime codec are you wanting to save to ?
Why do you need to convert the .mp4 to another format ?

Also, give us some info on your computer – Mac? Windows? Linux?

Like most 3D programs, the Blender workflow usually involves rendering to image sequences. Of course, rendering to QT should still work. But just so you’re aware, many people will render an image sequence (high-quality, like PNGs, TGAs, or high-quality JPGs) then combine those and render them to whatever contained-video they prefer (AVI, MOV, MP4, etc), often in a different program.

(I realize this doesn’t fix your problem. But still, maybe helpful.)

I am using Mac computer. As far as codecs, my other footage is usually in ProRes 422 HQ, and I would like to keep it the same, if possible for further editing in FCP.

But the main reason is, I am trying to figure out how to combine a keyed out footage into a scene and someone suggested I import it as an image sequence using a ‘planes as images’ addon. The problem is, those images don’t play as a video in either the node editor or VSE, I can only see the first frame in that image sequence (even when I scroll to the end of the timeline). So I was looking for a way to go all the way after keying out my footage to save the footage as a video file before importing using that addon. From looking at other video formats in the Blender tab, only Quicktime will be able to carry an alpha channel.

I think there some kind of bug, because it happens even on something as short as a 26 frames sequence.

Benu, that’s my main problem. I appreciate your tip but I want to use Blender mainly to compose a keyed out character with a 3D scene. Once I am done with that stage, I am likely to use FCP and DaVinci for the rest of editing and grading tasks.

Ok, I installed the new Blender 2.75. Everything is working now, I had problems everywhere in the Blender system, they are all gone!