Blender Cycles bake normal maps with edge split and sharp edges


As in topic. It wont work, i get ugly sharp lines on normal map every single time.
That I believe shouldn’t work like this, or I just make something wrong?

I have high poly with nice bevels, then off course low poly, and cage mesh.
Everything is setup-ed good, but after baking i get always sharp line on baked normal map where I marked edges as sharp. Anyone can please help fix this?


So, the edges you told to be sharp are rendering sharp? seems like it’s working as intended, could you post some pics?

Yes, here You can see what is going on. It’s different, thery are marked as sharp, but they should have bevels from HP. But they get ugly sharp lines where edges are. I need this areas to be smooth as on HP model.


As far as I can c u didn’t split the UVs in the “sharp edges” places? If so then u need to fix this - split uvs in those places.

It’s working as intended. You split the normals, so it’s rendering sharp. As a rule of thumb whenever you have a sharp edge on a lowpoly, you should also have a UV seam with an appropriate margin.

Also, use the support section for suport questions.