Blender Cycles Baking exceptionally long ?

Has there been a change I’m not aware of in the recent versions since 2.74 about cycles baking ?

Its taking 45 min to bake a simple diffuse color material ? The same material which baked in 20 secs in 2.75 .

How many samples are you baking ?
gpu or cpu ?
Example file ?

CPU - 128 samples. The problem is its just a diffuse color pass (No Direct or Indirect). Not a “Combined” pass.

The same settings took way less time before. I’m just wondering is there a change in baking code. There is evidently some UI changes in the panel so I was wondering.

If there is no change on the baking side. This means the material is at fault.

Make sure that you’re really using 128 samples, and not 128 squared samples.

No, its not squared samples. The problem might be changes made to cycles nodes, those might have made the speed difference. Anyway.

Well we can’t test anything since you still haven’t supplied any .blend file.

Yep Richard, I’m sorry i can’t release the content (material), its commercial project file; there is also a huge memory leak with shapekeys in one of my files (sucks 14 gb ram in the system) and for the same reason I can’t post a bug report :no:. Thats why the OP was a question , maybe somebody knew about a change or commit to the system so that I could read the changes.