Blender Cykles Translator to Blender Render???

I have a scene, i have in the scene Textures(Node Editor, Blender Cycles) but I cant bake a Texture. Can you help me???

You’ll have to change from cycles to the blender render. Create a new material, add the texture to the material and then bake it.

I have 3-10 Materials in one model, and 30 Models in the scene

However much you wish, cycles cannot currently bake textures so if you want to use blender you’ll have to use the blender render option. Cycles materials are not compatible with blender renderer so you’ll have to convert them.
I suggest the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have all the bakes completed.

There is a script to convert blender render materials to a cycles node setup so you could have made the process more efficient if you’d planned ahead