Blender Demo for a teacher...

Hey all, I’m back… finally. But on to the topic. I’m doing a small demo for one of the computer teachers in our school, so she knows what Blender is like. She was already awed by some of your works. She wasn’t expecting much from this, but she was highly impressed. But, I want to show her how blender works on the inside (seeing as she can relate this to a few of her classes, maybe even start teaching it…). Sadly, it has been many a months since I have been in blender, so I knew I was rusty. Then I found a old head model, and though that this would be a good thing to show her. So, over the past day, I have worked on this, tweeked it, added the rest of the skull, and the neck. Is there any glaring errors that you see? I’m looking for hints and tips on the mesh, and lighting would be a nice thing to learn about, so if you guys know of a good tutorial, could you post a link?


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If you really want your teacher to start teaching Blender, show her lesson plans: Blender Basics- 2nd Edition
Classroom Tutorial Book
. I’d recommend you download the whole shebang and burn it onto a CD. A whole semester’s worth of Blender lessons will be a lot more impressive to a teacher who is computer literate but doesn’t know the software.