Blender devs/people to go to FOSDEM?

Currently learning about Drupal I heard aboud the FOSDEM conference in belgium:

They are currently looking for speakers and organising coding rooms… This would be the perfect place to poach coders for peach and other projects… As the event is mainly for coders (which I am not), I was wondering if anybody was interested in going…

Yes I know, it’s “not nice to poach coders”… but I couldn’t resist the “poach for peach” pun.

I’ve been to 4-5 FOSDEMs already and I can assure you, it’s NOT mainly for coders (although these are also tendered to of course). It’s simply a gathering where a lot of open source projects get a platform to present their work, get feedback, offer help etc.
There are also presentations by project leaders and community leaders (I try to attend these as they are VERY interesting. (I saw one by Jorrit on CS some years ago to make it somewhat graphincs related…)
And there are some classrooms that are coder related but not exclusively so.
I feel it would be a nice opportunity to have a small Blender stand, with demo’s, showing Peach trailers (maybe sell some DVDs and books). A classroom session would also be nice to show people how the interface works so they don’t run away screaming when looking at it the first time…
One could even give a nice presentation touching latest evolutions, Peach/Apricot stuff, the impressive and growing Blender community etc
Living near Brussels, I might very well be tempted to help man the stand and do basic Blender evangelism where we to have a presence there…