blender does not find python

My operating system is win xp. I have python version 2.3. installed on my system but blender does not find it. Newer versions of blender seem to run extremely unstable - I don’t know whether this is due to the “no installed python found” - message.
Anyway, it even gets worse when I try to install python 2.6: All the different installers I have downloaded freeze on my system when I run them. Maybe I have to manipulate my system first? I am not a programmer and I have no time to study all the information about python. Is there any EASY way to install it within - lets say - one afternoon?
Any help would be great!
Thanks, folks!

First, make sure to update Windows XP to SP3 and get all the “express” updates from WIndows Update.
Second, make sure your computer’s drivers are up to date including motherboard drivers and especially your video card driver.
Third, uninstall old Python versions you don’t need and restart your system.
Fourth, get a windows installer for python 2.6.X (X=the newest stable version of 2.6 which is currently 2.6.5.) and run the installer.
Fifth, add C:\Python26 to your Path environment variable.

That should be all you need to do.

I had sort of the same problem, but what you need to do is uninstall blender, then install python, then install blender after Python. If you install Python after you install Blender, then Blender won’t find Python. Don’t ask me why.