blender does not produce textures

I did not find a specific “newby” forum, so I will post it here again.

Get everything to work fine now, except for textures. Even the very simple samples in documentation don’t work. Textures are shown fine in the Preview panel, but in my 3D view or when rendering, I can only see the colours in my material, no textures at all. Tried to put Stucci Voronoi, on planes, spheres, with all kinds of input/output mappings, but to no avail.

Anyone got the golden tip for me ?

many thanks,

Stucci differs from the other textures in that it has no colours, it is merely a bump-map.

Try one of the other textures, or in the “Map To” panel in materials turn on “Nor” (to turn on normal deflection aka bump mapping)

Hello Phlip,

Thanks, but also the other textures like Wood, etc. don’t update in the 3D view, only in the preview panel.

Could it have something to do with lighting ? But normal material colours display fine.

I managed to get one texture (wood texture) fine now, but again cannot update it, it remains the same.

Do I need to be in a specific Mode to apply textures, do I need to apply special settings, etc ?

I find many tutorials on textures, but none of them explains about certain texture modes, so I am not sure if I am missing out on something crucial. (e.g. you need lights to show material, is there another crucial factor for viewing textures ?)


You can only see UV-mapped textures in the 3d-window. Procedural textures won’t show until you render.


Hmmm, still don’t get it right. I do seem to be able to see procedural textures now (I applied a wood texture to a sphere), but I can only see it right in Shaded draw type. When I switch to Textured drawtype, the sphere turns solid yellow (my base color in the material).

Any hints on that ?


you can see procedural textures in the 3D view if you have an insane level of verts for the mesh, and you are in shaded mode (shift-z). (I tried with the default cube and default wood texture. There needed to be over 300 verts to get a somewhat accurate representation of the texture.)
Not worth it.