Blender doesn run on NT workstation. WHY??

(humphrey) #1

Does anyone who why blender creator does not work on windows NT??

Dr. Watson pops up with asome error message??

(VelikM) #2

And pray tell, what does the awsome error message say? Buried in it may be the answer.

(humphrey) #3

DR. Watson.

ANd application error has occured
and an aplication log is been generated.


Exception Access Violation (…) Adress: (…)

But I got it too work now!

I just ran it from the dos prompt?


(rwenzlaff) #4

Access violation usually means a program is trying to create files on a directory you don’t have permission to write to. Perhaps you need to run the initial install as Administrator, see what directories/files it creates, and change their permissions…