Blender dont work

(Klein) #1

Hello everybody,

Í have changed my computer and now blender dont work,it dont displays icons and games dont run.
does any1 know how to fix my problem?

(Nayman) #2

could be your graphics card… you need one that supports open GL… probably need an ATI Rage pro 128

(theeth) #3

if you just bought the comp, then the graphic card drivers are probably outdated. Try to update them see if it clears anything.

(SirDude) #4

Also if your in windows try changing the number of colors displayed.
Not sure if its realmode or 24bit that work better but try a couple.

(kos) #5

blender2.23 did not run in my winXP but 2.22 case you are not using XP and the games etc do not run then check if your graphics-card supports openGL.

(Klein) #6

thank u guys the problem was the color.