Blender Edit Mode Performance

“like” ?
I’d bet money on this scenario. Probably a very expensive advisor who got this job through nepotism.

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The Ribbon was probably there to ‘unify’ the Autodesk experience, Revit, Autocad, Inventor and more recently Fusion 360, they all make use of a ribbon for shelving their various modelling commands. Though it just doesn’t work this way for polymodelling where you need these commands often. Besides, the grouping of options just doesn’t make sense from a workflow perspective.


Yes, that’s exactly what it was. The corporate ‘makeover’. The funny thing is, the ribbon was taken from the wonderful Polyboost tools plugin. Polyboost GUI was so simple, small, and efficient, and fit all the tools in a single tiny floating menu that the Ribbon monstrosity took up a quarter of the monitor and buried everything away in non-sensical popout menu within another menu… what an abortion of a thing. :rofl:

And on top of all that - to this very day - the so-called sculpting brushes use a newer cursor while some of the brushes still use the 20 year old cursor. It STILL hasn’t been fixed after 10 years.

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Yeah, who wants a menu that needs to be tugged away to be able to use it for… finding some tool options? Oh wait, there also is a command panel that should always be open, so why not make it mutually exclusive! :rofl:

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That’s literally what geo nodes are, no?

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Well, from the developer community, then yes. But then again, if the blender devs themselves don’t like a commit, there’s only so much the community can add to it. So for end-users, it’s still fairly limited community based on this stage of Geo nodes development imo.

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But I’m talking about what it’s intended for not what it is currently in it’s unfinished pre-minimum viable product stage.

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Then we agree, it will eventually be just that. Granted there are nodes for all the things you may want to do.

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If only microsoft hadn’t tried to sell the world on this being “the future of desktop UI/UX” I suppose. :roll_eyes:


Well, for Autocad the ribbon works quite well for everything you don’t want to map to keyboard shortcuts/ aliases or for which you forgot their keystrings. But I fear we should move back to the Blender Edit mode topic.


Different strokes for different folks, I can’t stand the ribbon in Autocad and I disable it immediately.

it ruins muscle memory, I want my controls to be where I expect them to be.

I can accept a contextually changing ui, like the right click menu. but if the only thing that changes the context is whatever tab on the ribbon I used last, that isn’t ideal for me.

No, but should be. For example in new C4D and still in infancy you can make a node operation Compound(ICE Softimage XSI name) that they name it “capsule” and drag the capsule to the C4D object editor which is a more advanced version of Blender Outliner and then the chosen exposed parameters would have appeared in the Blender Properties Editor. So you don’t have to navigate the nodes again.
I don’t know if the capsule can be saved as a file outside C4D like it was possible with Softimage XSI compounds. If that is possible you could just drag a compound froma file explorer directly to ouliner and not even go to the node editor.

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Once you set up geometry nodes, you can add a geometry nodes modifier to another object and just select the node tree. not quite as drag and drop, but still, no node editor required.


Not directly related to editing a mesh while in editmode, leaving editmode itself (for object mode at least) may become a bit faster now.
rB6a71b2af66cf (

There’s also a patch on the developer site relating to a speedup in calculating normals, but I do not know if it will translate to another performance increasing in modeling.



  • Add support for a much faster GPU subdivision evaluator (commit ) (Kévin Dietrich)

Maybe it’s time to revisit those “2.7x vs what came next” that had subdiv modifier on, and see how far did we come.


Refactor how mesh normals are calculated.
rBcfa53e0fbeed (

What does this have to do with editmode performance? The commit log shows this appears to be an across the board performance increase for everything mesh related (from modifiers to simple mesh editing), so editmode is impacted.

Even then, this commit only represents initial work, more performance improvements are likely inbound.


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